Tanadgusix Corporation (TDX) is an Alaska Native village corporation created under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) of 1971 passed by the United States Congress to provide economic well being for the indigenous peoples that resided in the village of St. Paul, Alaska.

The TDX Corporation owns several subsidiary companies that provide services to commercial, industrial, and public sectors.  The subsidiary companies provide revenues to TDX that builds the company’s long term strategic plan and growth for future generations.

The Aleuts of St. Paul are the sons and daughters of slaves who were taken from their original home in the Aleutian Chain by Russian fur harvesters.  They were placed on the Priblof Island of St. Paul for the purpose of harvesting Northern Fur Seals.   The Aleuts of St. Paul have evolved into a proud and resourceful tribe. 

Innovation and seeking a rewarding future—TDX has invested in hotels, tourism, alternative energy, electric utilities, power plant projects, wireless technologies, satellite technologies, environmental construction services, remediation and maritime industries.

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email: info@tdxcorp.com
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