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Powering Alaska’s Economy

We may be from a small island,
but we’re big into business

Tanadgusix Corporation (TDX) was created under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 to provide economic wellbeing for the indigenous Aleut people who resided in the village of St. Paul, Alaska, at the time of the act’s passage by Congress and their descendants.

With a population under 500 people, the village of St. Paul is virtually the only inhabited community on St. Paul Island, which is one of the Pribilof Islands, located in the Bering Sea about 250 miles north of the Aleutian chain of Islands on Alaska’s southwest side.

There are few business opportunities on our small island, so we travel far from home to open and operate successful business that serve major metropolitan areas and Alaska’s remote oilfield operations. We guide our subsidiary businesses with a focus on providing exceptional service to our customers and we require all our employees throughout our family of companies to conduct themselves with the Aleut people’s ancient values in mind. These values include honesty, humility and hard work.

The success of our wide-ranging subsidiaries enables us to support benefits for current and future generations of shareholders, such as job opportunities and scholarships.

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Our subsidiaries

TDX owns a widely varied family of subsidiary companies that provide services to commercial, industrial and public sectors, including:

Tourism venues
Alternative energy
Electric utilities
Wireless technologies
Satellite technologies
Environmental construction services
Maritime industries
And industry-leading airport parking facilities in Alaska and Washington

Some of our subsidiaries are featured below

Coast Hotel
Alaska Park

Featured subsidiary:

Alaska Park

Alaska Park is the only airport valet-parking facility in Anchorage and is located just 1 mile from Anchorage Ted Stevens International Airport. We offer convenient, secure valet parking that is reliably faster to the terminal than parking at the airport and a high level of friendly service our competitors can’t match.

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Tanadgusix Corporation and its Subsidiaries are Equal Opportunity Employers, with a programs for the recruitment, hiring and promotion of qualified Alaska Natives. Submission of an application/resume does not obligate the company to interview, offer employment or hire an individual.

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